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Tim Hasker is the creator and editor of Political Pulse, a lifelong politico he has been active in politics since joining the young Conservatives at the age of 15 in 2005. He stayed within the Conservatives for over 10 years, holding numerous positions. He's worked in Westminster, the European Parliament in Brussels and was a campaign manager in the 2010 general election. He left the Conservatives in 2015 and following the EU referendum joined the Liberal Democrats.

A member of the Liberal Democrats until 2020, Tim took the decision to leave party politics and become an independent. He now focuses on providing commentary on the latest political developments. Tim has a classical liberal outlook that prioritises pragmatism over ideology.


Outside of politics Tim works within the insurance sector and has 8 years experience in financial services. He is also a passionate historian of early modern Europe and America and is currently working towards a PhD at University College London. He's published several reviews, guest blogs as well as media appearances.  More information about Tim's work as a historian can be found here.

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